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Mediterranean Box

The dazzling medley of produce in our Mediterranean Box evokes the sun-soaked fields, clear blue skies and vivid colours of the Mediterranean! Perfect for preparing fresh, flavourful and herbaceous meals!

It’s also an embodiment of the traditional Mediterranean lifestyle which emphasises the importance of people eating healthfully amongst friends and family.

Each box includes 5 - 7 kg of organic produce. Each week we make sure to include a variety of 8-10 types of the best organic vegetables available. Kindly note that the actual produce selection may differ from the image shown.

Current items

500g of Small Wild Tomatoes, 1kg of Potatoes, 700g of Broccoli, 500g of Purple Haze Carrots, 500g of Vine Tomatoes, 500g of Baby Snack Capsicum, 2 Eggplants, 500g of Red Onions, 1 Romanesco Cauliflower, 600g of Kale, 3 pcs of Garlic

Free delivery for orders above $100

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